Our Team

Our friendly Support Team at The Fit Lab are here any weekday to help you with any enquiries.

Amanda Talovic Amanda Talovic Centre Manager
Corey Wolski Corey Wolski Fitness Manager & High Performance Coach
Nathan Batley Nathan Batley Membership Consultant
Grace Hamblin Grace Hamblin Admin Assistant
Jacinta Hoffman Jacinta Hoffman Admin Assistant
Elisha Gaffney Elisha Gaffney Reception
Paige Edwards Paige Edwards Reception
Jess Bateman Jess Bateman Reception & Creche
Halee Ross Halee Ross Reception & Creche
Cody McNiece Cody McNiece Floor Staff
Jordanna Acland Jordanna Acland Trainee
Daniel Buitendach Daniel Butiendach Trainee
Alex McDonald Alex McDonald Trainee
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