The Fit Lab Sponsorship program is an exercise science based Strength and Conditioning Program designed to help you achieve your goals in your chosen sport.

We have compiled a team of world class trainers and purchased the absolute latest testing equipment, as used by The Australian Institute of Sport, to ensure athletes are held accountable and progressing.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a Fit Lab Academy Athlete

Fit Lab Athlete Academy

Peter Roberts Peter Roberts Rowing Michelle Lynch Michelle Lynch Netball
Tiarna Jericho Tiarna Jericho AFL
Molly Fraser Molly Fraser AFL
Jenny Anderson Jenny Anderson Hockey/Cricket
Darcy Carswell Darcy Carswell Rugby League
Mason Bloom Mason Bloom Rugby League
Lauryn Anderson Lauryn Anderson Cricket
BJ Pennells BJ Pennells Golf
Chris Britnell Chris Britnell Golf
Belinda Slatter Belinda Slatter Athletics
Jacob Pomfrett Jacob Pomfrett Basketball
Maddison Jacklin Maddison Jacklin Basketball
Chelsea Jacklin Chelsea Jacklin Basketball
Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson Keeleigh Cauley-Gleeson Swimming
Greer Beck Greer Beck NRL Referee
Jessica Page Jessica Page Bazilian Jiu Jitsu
Alfred Campbell Alfred Campbell Bazilian Jiu Jitzu
Georgia Voll Georgia Voll Rugby League/Cricket
Nikolaus Birch Nikolaus Birch Rugby League
Tammy Williams Tammy Williams Hockey
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