Strength Program

Upon completion of either the Hypertrophy Program or the transitional Hypertrophy/Strength program, the next step is to pursue true strength.

Program at a Glance

Goal: Improve strength and athletic performance

Fitness Level: Intermediate or Advanced ONLY

Prerequisites: Hypertrophy/Strength Program or Hypertrophy Program or have your fitness accessed by our of our coaches.

Program Details

What to Expect

Often confused with hypertrophy, a strength programs primary focus is not to build muscle, but a vital pre-cursor for moving on to power and more sports specific program. Expect lower rep counts and heavier weights!

All training sessions will take place in our High Performance Unit in small groups to encourage accountability, provide a team atmosphere and help keep you motivated.

Program Inclusions

The following is included with the program:

  • 3 x one hour group training sessions per week
  • A meal plan provided by Accredited Sports Dietitian, Brady Schulz.
  • A protein supplement designed to help with recovery at the completion of each training session
  • Body composition and strength testing will be taken at the conclusion of the Hypertrophy Program and taken again at the completion of this program.
  • Re-measure of girth measurements at the beginning of week 4.
  • Access to your program via a smart phone app named Team Buildr.

The Benefits

Our strength program is designed to create a stronger and more efficient muscle (and muscular system) through increased muscle density and nervous system adaptations.

Monitoring your progress

All training sessions will be supervised by our fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches who will ensure to guide you through correct lifting techniques and tempos.

Your final strength testing and girth measurement results gathered at the end of the previous program you completed will be used as your baseline testing moving forward with the Strength Program, so you will not be required to book in for another round of testing before commencing with this program.

If you had a DEXA scan performed at the completion of the previous program, it is not necessary to book in for another one. We would recommend, if you choose to have the optional DEXA scan performed, that you do so at the end of each program.


I feel like I'm investing in my body and my future health. I'm so much stronger and I've toned up a lot.

My DEXA scans show amazing results, I feel on top of the world

Want to get started?

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