Metabolic Conditioning Program

The Metabolic Conditioning Program is a scientifically structured program designed to maximise fat loss without compromising muscle and strength.

Upon completion of the hypertrophy or hypertrophy/strength block of training, most people will find themselves in a better condition, both physiologically and mechanically.

Program at a Glance

Goal: Maximise fat loss without compromising muscle and strength

Fitness Level: Anyone

Prerequisites: Hypertrophy/Strength Program or Hypertrophy Program or have your fitness accessed by our of our coaches.

Program Details

What to Expect

The program contains a combination of supervised high intensity cardio and strength work.

After enrolment and payment has been organised, your Head Coach will be in contact with you to discuss your first week of training and inform you of any further information you need to know in order to commence the program.

Each one hour session provides the individual with the very best in sports science training and takes place in the Fit Lab’s brand new state of the art High Performance Unit opened in 2017.

Over the eight weeks of the program, participants will train with strength and conditioning coaches who ensure correct lifting technique and tempo. This takes place in small groups that encourage accountability, provide a team atmosphere and help keep the individual motivated.

Program Inclusions

The following is included with the program:

  • 3 x one hour group training sessions per week
  • A meal plan provided by Accredited Sports Dietician, Brady Schulz.
  • A protein supplement designed to help with recovery at the completion of each training session
  • Body composition and strength testing one week prior to program commencement.
  • Re-measure of girth measurements at the beginning of week 4.
  • Access to your program via a smart phone app named Team Buildr.

The Benefits

The combination of challenges to the body enables us create a high EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), where the metabolic demands of the body remain high, long after the exercise itself has ceased.

The variation of demands to the body’s different energy systems allows us to create and maintain this high EPOC without over-reaching any one system. As long as the nutritional requirements are met and the balance of ‘rest’ and work are correct, this is hands down the best way to reduce body fat.

Monitoring your progress

Prior to the program, all participants will complete various fitness and strength tests to determine baselines for the program.

Body measurements will be taken at the 4 week mark to ensure participants are tracking towards their personal goals throughout the 8 weeks, and programs adjusted accordingly. As well as measurements, we will take before and after photos of participants, if they wish too, as another means of tracking progress.

Initial strength testing and body measurements will be carried out one week prior to the program commencing, week beginning Monday 4th June, 2018.

All individuals are encouraged to have a DEXA scan to accurately measure body composition. A DEXA body composition scan, or dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that is used to assess the distribution of lean muscle, fat, water and bone within the body. Scans are taken a week prior to commencing the program and also at the completion of the program, so participants can see how their body have transformed over the 8 weeks.


I feel energised and set up for the day after each session. I'm hooked on reaching my goals and can't believe the progress I make each week

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