Functional Training Program

The Functional Training Program has been designed with scientific methods of training to increase muscle size, build strength and assist with burning body fat. The fundamental principle of this training is 'time under tension'; how long your muscles are under duress. Some of the benefits from the training includes increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, injury prevention, strength improvement and improvement in overall health and well-being. The program runs three days per week and with the help of the diet plan provided, you will see some great improvements over the 10 Week Program.

There are two streams of training:

# Option 1 - is purely focused on weight training and has a large focus on increasing lean muscle mass and strength development while decreasing body fat.

# Option 2 - has a focus on conditioning, in conjunction to enhance fat burning and develop aerobic capacity.

Speak with Corey on 4638 7645 or email to discuss which option is best for you!

What is included?

  • 3 x One hour small group training sessions per week
  • Meal Plan designed by Accredited Sports Dietitian, Brady Schulz
  • Protein supplement following each session to assist with recovery
  • Body composition and strength testing one week prior to program commencement
  • Access to your program via app - Team Buildr

Each session provides individuals with the very best in sports science training and takes place in The Fit Lab's State of the Art High Performance Unit or in the brand new High Performance Centre located on Gogg St. Over the 10 Weeks of the program, participants will train with Strength and Conditioning coaches who ensure correct lifting technique and tempo. This takes place in small groups that encourage accountability, provide a team atmosphere and help keep the individual motivated.

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Program at a Glance

Fitness Level: All Fitness Levels

Day/Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (5.30am, 9.30am and 6.00pm) Saturday (6.00am - makeup sessions)

Duration: 10 Weeks

$40 p/week ($400 total) for members and $65 p/week ($650 total) for non-members

Upcoming Commencement Dates:
Start Monday 8th July - Participants can sign up after this date also

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