Fight Back With Fitness (Sponsored Cancer Program)

Designed for all those diagnosed with cancer, regular exercise during and following treatment has shown to improve both physical and emotional health, and overall quality of life.

The program introduces exercise in a safe, supportive and state of the art private facility.

Program at a Glance

Goal: Improvements for both physical and emotional health

Fitness Level: Any

Day/Time: Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's from 9.15am-10.30am

Duration: 10 Weeks

Prerequisites: None

Co-Funded by The Fit Lab, Queensland X-Ray and Blush Cancer Care Inc.

Program Details

What to Expect

The program commences with an initial assessment along with a screening tool to ensure the program is tailored specifically for your needs. We'll also give you an overview of the larger program plus an introduction to the other participants of the program!

Some of the elements we'll take a look at in your first week will include:

  • Functional Capacity
    • Repeated Sit to Stand
  • · Body composition
    • DEXA scan
    • Resting Blood Pressure
    • Waist and Hip Measurements
  • · Strength testing
    • Chest Press
    • Seated Row

Working at your own pace, you will be part of three structured and fully supervised 60 minute sessions giving you guidance and support. Also you will have access to The Fit Lab facility for a fourth and/or fifth weekly self-paced exercise session which we can help you plan for.

The Benefits

Evidence of the beneficial effect of exercise during and after breast cancer treatment is very strong regarding safety of exercise and improvements to aerobic fitness and muscular strength.

Traditionally cancer patients were advised to rest and avoid activity. However, recent evidence suggests exercise is safe along with appropriate screening and prescription. Improvements to aerobic capacity are noted with perception of effort completing these tasks being reduced (i.e. walking, cycling, climbing stairs). Regular strength training can assist with altering current movement patterns, which can assist with decreasing joint and muscle pain.

After treatment, evidence strongly points to the benefits of exercise regarding physical function, with an improved tolerance to complete activities of daily living (i.e. grocery shopping, putting shoes on and off)

Monitoring your progress

We will monitor you by repeating initial tests after 10 weeks, giving you the opportunity to see your progress. DEXA Scans will need to be repeated in the final week of testing to help assess the distribution of lean muscle, fat, water and bone within the body. This information can be taken back to your health professionals to determine continuation of exercise regime. After completion of the 10 weeks you are invited to participate in The Fit Lab’s Exercise for the Management of Cancer program.


What an amazing program this is for ladies that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have in the past not enjoyed going to a gym however, this is completely different to anything else I have experienced.

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Want to get started?

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Please Note: Any cancellation requests (crèche/membership) will not be processed through the website. Please contact our Membership Consultant between the hours of 9-6pm Monday to Friday on (07) 4638 7645. Any requests outside of these hours please email directly to and your request will be addressed on the next business day.