Exercise for the Management of Prostate Cancer Program

Designed for individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer. The process of treatment can have both a psychological and physiological effects which can impact overall quality of life. Evidence strongly suggest exercise can suppress and prevent further spread of cancer non-dependent on stages of treatment. This program introduces exercises in a safe, supportive and state of the art private facility, tailored to each individual needs.

The program commences with an initial assessment along with a screening tool to ensure the program is tailored specifically for your needs. We'll also give you an overview of the larger program plus an introduction to the other participants of the program!

Some of the elements that we'll take a look at during your first week will include:

  • Functional Capacity (400m Walk)
  • Lower Body Strength (Sit to Stand)
  • Medical History (Treatment phase, previous and current medical history, medication etc.)
  • Body Composition ( Waist, hip and weight)

Following the initial assessment, you will then be part of a structured exercise program that will be fully supervised by our qualified allied health professionals. The sessions will be held three times a week and run for 75 minutes, with guidance and full support provided.

The Benefits

Evidence of the beneficial effects of exercise pre, during and post prostate cancer treatment has shown to have an improvement in overall quality of life, showing improvements both physiologically and psychologically.

Traditionally, cancer patients were advised to rest and avoid activity. However, recent evidence suggests exercise is safe to proceed with appropriate screening. The screening is an important procedure as it makes exercise prescription safe and individualised to the participant. Improvements in exercise modalities of aerobic and strength training have proven to have a beneficial outcome in daily living activities and quality of life.

Evidence suggest monitoring your loads and following a progression with exercises is an effective way to build your functional capacity. Each week we will monitor your loads based on your performance and tests we run during the course of the program. After completion of the program, a review will be conducted comparing results from the start to see the adaptational changes to the body.

Program at a Glance

Goal: Improvements for both physical and emotional health

Fitness Level: Anyone

Day/Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.45am or 10.30am.

Duration: 8-16 Weeks - Ongoing

Prerequisites: None

Private Health Care $40p/week
Public Health Care - Funded by The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation