Keep Fighting with Fitness Program

Program at a Glance

Goal: Managing the side effects of cancer treatments through exercise

Fitness Level: Anyone

Day/Time: Monday - Friday

Duration: 11 weeks

Prerequisites: None

Stream A - $40 p/w (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
Stream B - $30 p/w (Tuesday & Thursday)

Upcoming Commencement Dates:
6th October 2020

Program Details

We have designed a bespoke program specifically for the management of cancer.

The experience of cancer can be catastrophic to physical and mental health. Group exercise is a powerful stimulus to regain control of your health, independence, social inclusion, strength and fitness. This program is about health, wellness and community, and is open to anyone at any phase of the cancer process.

At The Fit Lab, we are passionate about improving health and wellbeing. Our programs are for and about you - no one else.

Stream 1:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 8am

Stream 2:

Tuesday & Thursday - 8am

What to Expect

In this program you will participate in a range of exercises specifically designed to improve your physical and emotional health.

Each class, with no more than twelve participants, is supervised by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. All exercise is scaled to the ability of each individual, and is designed to be time and effort effective, as well as fun!

The Benefits

The benefits of exercise are limitless. Regular exercise assists in the management of treatment side effects – including pain, fatigue and lyphoedema. Evidence points towards the benefit of regular exercise in reducing the rate of cancer recurrence. Individuals often find they have improved confidence, wellness, vitality and social wellbeing.

Monitoring your progress

At the start of the program, there will be a quick and easy assessment along with a screening tool to ensure the program is developed specifically for your needs. We will monitor you through some testing such as body measurements, resting blood pressure, body composition, strength testing, etc. This information can be taken back to your health professionals to determine the best course of action for your condition.

Available Funding

Exercise Physiology services are eligible for private health rebates Bulk Billing is available for the initial consultation if you are referred to The Fit Lab via a Chronic Disease Management Plan.


68-year old Deanna is a regular in The Fit Lab’s Exercise for the Management of Breast Cancerprogram.

Having never been in a gym before, Deanna says the program, “…opened up a whole new world for me. When I got started, I was addicted…the program has changed my life completely – in a good way. I have made some great friends, I love all the girls.”

Deanna has improved her energy, strength, balance, and waist size.

Deanna’s advice is, “…grab the opportunity, get started, and don’t stop.”

Want to get started?

Contact us or attend one of our information sessions to find out more.

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