Time Poor

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Program Overview

We understand that spending longer than 30 minutes in the gym can be unachievable for some, so we have crafted a program that enables you to get your workout done within 30 minutes, ensuring that every day you can prioritise your health without sacrificing social, work, or family commitments.

The time poor program covers all your exercise needs in six short but quality filled workouts and provides you with the flexibility you need to live a healthy life.

Fast Facts on Time Poor

Training Frequency: Six time efficient training days with a mixture of resistance and cardio exercise.

Training Style: Condensed training sessions comprised of three weight training days and three cardio based days with each session completed in 30minutes

Session Duration: 30 minutes

Training Outcome: Improved strength, cardiovascular endurance and triggering fat loss and stimulating muscles for growth, resulting in overall improvements in health and well-being without a big time burden.

Most suited to: Anyone who is limited with time and needs to be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes.

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