Strength Development

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Program Overview

If your weight training is starting to plateau, The Fit Lab’s Strength Development program is the next step you need to take.

Our team of Strength and Conditioning coaches have created a program that will challenge your normal strength routine. With three training levels to choose from, it is a great introduction to strength training for the novice or a great challenge for the seasoned gym goer.

Each level introduces you to new concepts of strength training and provides you with the structure you need to ensure strength gains are achieved consistently. This program will test you, push your body to its limits, and you will finish stronger than you started.

Fast Facts on Strength Development

Training Frequency: Three whole body, weight training days focusing on increasing muscular strength.

Training Style: Resistance training with an emphasis on increasing whole body strength levels by increasing the lifting loads throughout the program through specific strength training techniques.

Session Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Training Outcome: Increase in whole body strength levels and muscular performance.

Most Suited to: A great program to introduce you to strength training techniques and high performance training.

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