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Program Overview

This program is designed to make you bigger without dramatically compromising strength. It will improve your lean muscle mass with the added benefit of a high calorie burn resulting in a defined muscular physique. This program is not for the faint hearted, and it’s essential that you are ready to follow this program to the letter. It needs your full commitment every time you set foot in the gym. We do not recommend this for everybody, but if you’re ready to challenge yourself and see just how big you can get, then Mass Gain is for you!

Fast Facts on Mass Gain

Training Frequency: Three whole body, weight training days focusing on adding muscle mass.

Training Style: Resistance training with an emphasis on increasing muscle mass by stressing the muscle and stimulating growth.

Session Duration: 60-75 minutes

Training Outcome: Increase in whole body muscle mass, leading to improved definition and strength.

Most Suited to: Anyone wishing to increase their muscle mass and definition.

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