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Program Overview

Hitting the gym doesn’t always have to leave you exhausted, at the Fit Lab we believe exercise is a way of life, not just something you do for a few weeks.

Therefore we have designed a program for individuals wanting to get lean and feel energised by their workout. You will achieve this with our unique burn sets, targeting muscles groups one at a time and building endurance. Not only does this tone your whole body, but over the course of the 8 weeks you’ll discover how energised exercise can leave you.

If you need to renew your passion for that fit feeling or maybe start a new love affair it, then this is the program for you.

Fast Facts on Lean and Energised

Training Frequency: Three programmed weight training days each with a strong focus on improving strength and endurance levels.

Training Style: Resistance training with an emphasis on improving strength levels through continual increasing muscle activation and stimulus.

Session Duration: 45-60 minutes

Training Outcome: Become leaner and stronger, resulting in more daily energy. The program will result in better strength, improved endurance and optimised through fat loss giving you a feeling of increased daily energy and performance.

Most Suited to: Someone who is looking to try something new with their training and desires a boost from their exercise that gives them increased energy throughout the day.

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