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Program Overview

Training the glutes and core is high on the agenda for many of our members, they want to grow in confidence in how they look and feel. Strengthening the core tightens the middle and supports the body.

This enables you to lift heavier weights, to move well, it enables good posture and facilitates proper technique. Strong glutes support the back, helps promote correct posture and are key in that ‘athletic’ body shape that so many work towards.

We have found that a lot of the exercises people currently choose to work their glutes and core aren’t the correct or most effective ones to achieve a tight and toned core and glutes. Learn how to target the all of the muscles of this area, whilst not neglecting the rest of the body in this specialised training program.

Fast Facts on Glutes and Core

Training Frequency: Three programmed weight training days each with a strong focus on Glute and Core strength and development.

Training Style: Resistance training comprised of approximately 50% whole body exercises and 50% Glute and Core specific exercises.

Session Duration: 45-60 minutes

Training Outcome: Increase in muscle mass of glutes and core leading to improved strength and development. The program will also result in improvements in overall body strength and performance.

Most Suited to: Someone who desires to grow, strengthen and define their glutes, and grow, strengthen and define their abs.

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