Female Resistance Training

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Program Overview

Too often we hear women are nervous about weight training because they are concerned about getting big and bulky, or perhaps they want to lift but feel intimidated, not knowing where to begin.

We set out to create the perfect women’s resistance program designed by women for women to enhance strength, improve form, challenge the body and eliminate weaknesses. This program is both a great introduction to strength training for you along with more advanced options for those who would like a greater challenge.

An added bonus included at the end of each workout is an optional glute and core workout for those wishing to work those areas a little more. This program is all about empowering women to strength train with confidence, if that sounds like you, sign up below!

Fast Facts on Female Resistance Training

Training Frequency: Three programmed weight training days each with a 6 – 12 minute (depending on training level) circuit based finisher. One optional extra 18 – 30 minute (depending on training level) circuit training session.

Training Style: A strong focus on resistance training with short high intensity circuits to finish each workout. The program includes optional extra glute and core exercises to complete if so desired.

Session Duration: 45-60 minutes

Training Outcome: Increase in strength levels and a more toned and defined physique.

Most Suited to: Females who have previously followed a training program and wish to improve their strength and strength endurance.

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