Online Training Programs

Do you want to live a healthy life and have clear direction with your training? Is an already full life preventing you from calling upon a personal trainer for help, because making a commitment to someone else feels overwhelming? Or perhaps the cost of a personal trainer has put you off trying one?

Well we have the answer!

We are offering online coached programs, each program runs for 8 weeks, and each week costs less than half the price of a PT session. Our strength and conditioning coaches have designed eight different programs to suit all levels of ability, and personal fitness goals.

Premiere Programming

All of our programs have been developed by our Level 1 and Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coaches under the guidance of Steve Nance, renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 30 years of experience in the field.

All programs run for 8 weeks comprised of two phases of four weeks each. Depending on the selected program and personal goals, programs include a minimum of three and up to six training days (see specific program for more details). Each week includes a catch-up with your coach through your training app, ensuring you stay on track and achieve real results.

What do you get with each program?

  • 8 weeks of programmed training (minimum 3 sessions per week)
  • A training app to follow your program and record weights or cardio
  • Basic nutrition advice with the option of adding specialised nutrition advice to your service
  • Online coach keeping you accountable, offering advice, direction and support
  • Online private forum where you can chat to other online members, ask questions and receive special offers.
Checkout the program options below and find the program that is right for you