Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facility Update

(update 2/7/2020)

Update on QLD Stage 3 Industry COVID-Safe Plan


In addition to the image below please note:

- ALL memberships will kick off from midday tomorrow however anyone dealing with a chronic health condition may request an extension, to be considered for a longer hold.

- NEW Group Fitness Timetable to be released this afternoon and will commence Monday 6th July 2020. Bookings still required!

- Members will NO longer need to make a booking for a general gym session from tomorrow midday.

(update 30/6/2020)

RE: Recent Government Announcement - COVID 19 safe plan being moved forward to Friday 3rd July‼️

We again have only been given the information as you have seen it. We are in the process of sourcing the correct information in regards to what the early easing of restrictions means for the fitness industry and our facility. As soon as we secure this information we will release it to you all.

We are looking forward to being able to operate as we once were, however making sure we are acting accordingly with all of the correct information is our main priority, and they are yet to release these finer details surrounding the latest announcement.

(update 04/06/2020)

⚠️NOTE: If you have already filled out the form below and have re-commenced training, you DO NOT need to fill out the form again.

‼️📣Stage 2 Covid-19 UPDATED Announcement 04/06/2020
A further announcement was made last night, Wednesday June 3rd, we are able to accommodate a maximum of 20 Members into the gym PER AREA‼️

➡️Main Gym (20)
➡️Women's Only Area (20)
➡️ Group Fitness Studio (20)
➡️Cycle Studio (12)

Classes and gym access will now be included in your membership fees as per pre Covid-19, however you MUST BOOK!

To all of our loyal members that were participating in Our OUTDOOR Group Fitness Classes, Your payments for these will be stopped and you will need to make contact with our staff between 4.30am - 9pm Mon-Fri and 5.30am-12.30pm weekends, to REBOOK your spots for next week and reinstate your Membership!! 📱💪

IF you choose to follow this Register of Interest, what this means is that your Membership Fee's (as they were pre Covid) will begin from Monday 8th June 2020. Please see the list of timeslots we are currently running for General Gym access. ** Creche is opened for LIMITED DAYS and numbers Tuesday and Thursday 8.45am-11am only. MUST BE BOOKED** 👶👦🧒

5am-6am, 6.15am-7.15am, 7.30am-8.30am, 8.45am-9.45am, 10am-11am,11.15am-12.15pm, 12.30pm-1.30pm, 1.45pm-2.45pm, 3pm-4pm, 4.15pm-5.15pm,5.30pm-6.30pm, 6.45pm-7.45pm, 8pm-9pm

** 1 hour timeslots running every 1 hour 15minutes to allow member flow and cleaning time. The feedback this week has been positive, so thankyou!!🤗👌

IF you choose NOT to complete this register of Interest form, your payments will remain ON HOLD at NO CHARGE until Stage 3.

Again to reiterate, if you complete this form, your payments will be reinstated from Monday 8th June 2020. After registration, our friendly staff will make contact with you within the next 24 hours and secure your timeslots for the week. IF you DO NOT want your payments reinstated, DO NOT complete this form! ❌

PLEASE be mindful, that we again have only been given the information with limited notice, We are doing EVERYTHING we can to move with the changes and offer you the facility for use.

Remember we are all in this together, PLEASE be kind to our staff, we are all here for you and to bring back life to the facility that you all support! 🙌👍

If you have ANY questions please call 4638 7645 from 7.30am Monday, otherwise here is your link to reinstate your Gym Membership and a staff member will call you over the coming 24 hrs.

(update 14/04/2020)

Missing your sessions at The Gym ?
The Fit Lab Gym may be closed but that doesn't mean you can't get your daily exercise fix with Corey or Zac who are NOW offering 1 on 1 - 30min Outdoor Sessions Monday-Friday.

Bookings are ESSENTIAL so get in fast to lock in your session. Give us a call on 4638 7645 to book today!

(update 07/04/2020)

We were incredibly saddened to have to close our facility doors as of 23.03.2020. ALL Weekly or Fortnightly MEMBERSHIPS have been suspended immediately until further notice from the Federal Government.

In the meantime guys we have your workout needs covered!!!! Our staff have been working on ‘AT HOME’ programs and we will be moving forward with this giving you all a piece of The Fit Lab to take home… We have designed a 7 DAY AT HOME WORKOUT for you… We understand that there is so much more benefit to being active apart from the physical attributes. We understand the population require a fitness outlet to maintain good Mental Health also. For only $12.50 p/w you can help us keep our dream alive, assist us in the re-opening of our brilliant facility in the near future and help keep some of our dedicated team in employment.

To register your interest for our At Home Program, follow the link below.. PLEASE share the link around to your Fit Lab friends!!!

Pay In Advance ‘PIA’ Members - we will incorporate the time of closure and add this to the length of your Membership, on reopening.

Paid PT’s
– these will sit awaiting your return, in the near future (fingers & toes are crossed)

Paid Programs
– we understand there were 2 weeks left of current programs and a lot of our loyal members who had already pre-paid for future programs, we will be in contact over the coming days, after our Management Team has had the opportunity to discuss this in detail and will endeavour to notify you once we have your answers.

Allied Health/ Rehabilitation Unit
– Remain OPEN and operating following all guidelines outlined by the government.


There is something for everyone, no matter what fitness level. Working out should be on your terms because life is busy enough and your time is precious.

We offer a supportive family, friendly and community minded environment. Out team is dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals quickly and safely.

The Fit Lab is locally owned and operated in Toowoomba. We have designed the Fitness Centre for those wanting to get the most out of their membership, offering the convenience of 24 hour access! Located in the CBD, The Fit Lab is the perfect destination for all your health and fitness needs.

Our Team

Our friendly Support Team at The Fit Lab are here any weekday to help you with any enquiries.

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Danah Hillman Danah Hillman Group Fitness Co-ordinator & High Performance Coach
Emma Nelson Emma Nelson Membership Consultant
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