Kevin's Story - 25 kilos in 25 weeks

Posted: 27 November 2018

Here is Kevin's story..

Part 1..

'I guess like any story like mine, I wasn’t always weighing in at 128kg. As a kid up until about the age of 22 or so I was an extremely active fit fella, played huge amounts of our national sport (hurling, gaelic football, YouTube hurling, it won’t disappoint you!), soccer and sprinting. Once Uni finished and work kicked in, we saw a steady incline in weight and the start of a lot of yo-yo in dieting and weight changes.

I was initially approached by my workplace to meet with The Fit Lab regarding something other than fitness, and during my research for that and during my meeting with Chris and Tammy, I was really taken by the business, its goals, the facilities and just the general feel of the facility. I approached The fit Lab with my situation and the idea of tracking the story and the rest is history.

What struck me about the program was the grounding in actual science and the commitment to a sustainable program that is also life changing.

Steve Nance is a big motivator too, when do you get a chance to train under a man with such a fantastic CV of Strength and Conditioning coaching at the highest level??

The whole thing about measurements, DEXA scans, publishing in print and social media is confronting at first, but I feel now it’s critical. The Fit Lab is doing great things. There is a genuine feeling that the business as a whole wants to help make massive life changes for people. If by publishing this journey we help motivate others to make better choices, then we have achieved our aim. The staff at QLD X-Ray were magnificent, so helpful and really made the process (which was a bit scary to be honest) really fun and so informative. That process and the explanation of the results, really helped with focusing and educating me on the fact that the scales are not the be all and end all of this process.

I’m really looking forward to the program, in a few days when I’m cranky, sore and tired, I will hate everyone, but that’s allowed!! (only joking) I like structure, and the program gives me that, something to work towards and to commit to. Overall, I’m really excited to start. I fully understand that it’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth while ever is.

Finally, a few of the motivators for wanting to shed fat. Embarrassment is one, the weight gain creeps up on you and one day you wake up and really dislike what you see, you start avoiding going places because you feel self-conscious. Clothes don’t fit anymore, you end up wearing the same thing, because that’s all that fits. The health side, walking around out of breath and sweating is uncomfortable. I guess, the mental side is the key when your not happy in yourself with how you look or feel, you end up feeling a bit lost and think that the mountain is too big to climb back to a healthy body.'

We are so excited to be a part of Kevin's '25kg in 25 weeks' FITNESS ADVENTURE!!! There are so many people out there, i am sure, that can relate to Kevin's story..

Be sure to stay updated on Kevin's journey. We will be posting every fortnight with how he is progressing..

Part 2 ...

Quick update from Kevin... 10/12/18

So, I’m 3 weeks into this program, and surprise, surprise, I’m enjoying it!

As with everything, the start was hard, more so getting into a routine of exercise. Now, I’m actually looking forward to my workouts!! The staff are really helpful and supportive, always giving advice, positive support and answering my inane silly questions! The workouts are interesting and bring out a real competitive edge. I find myself trying to beat my last performance.

The dietary side of things, which I though was going to be a real drama, isn’t. Just a small bit of planning and plenty of water is all it takes.

I am 3 weeks in and i am 6 kilos down on my starting weight!! I’m actually feeling much better about myself in general. Sleeping better, my mind is clear, i have a lot more energy and i am a lot more focused.

To be honest, the key to all of this is listen! Listen to what the staff from The Fit Lab advise. Follow it and results will follow. That’s not a plug by any means, but just my honest assessment after the first 3 weeks. Corey, Steve, Matt and Zac really know their stuff and they are more than willing to help.

If there is any advice I can give to others in a similar situation to mine is DO something, start now.. That will be the hardest part, making that first move!

The team at The Fit Lab will make a difference to your lifestyle and health, I am proof of that already..

Carpe diem!!!


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